A Word About Ivy Hills Academy

Ivy Hills Academy was founded with the sole purpose of helping kids with the difficulties they are facing in math, and helping them to fall in love with learning.  Our public schools are filled with extremely bright, energetic, dedicated teachers.  Unfortunately, math is just one of those subjects where supplemental instruction is needed. I have spoken with countless families who tell me that math used to be a relative strength for their children. What happened along the way?  Math is not a spectator sport, and momentum coupled with confidence are key ingredients to math success.  Once a student begins to stare adversity in the face with regards to math, that positive momentum and high level of self-confidence can quickly be replaced by negative momentum, and low self-confidence.  That bright, capable student is still there, and we just need to give them some information in order to Awaken Prior Knowledge. Ivy Hills Academy uses a method of instruction that will reawaken your child’s momentum and confidence in math.

A Word About Awakening Prior Knowledge

It is our aim to recapture that positive momentum and high self-confidence.  Awakening Prior Knowledge is a simple concept, but one of extreme value to students whom I have worked with in the past.  During my tenure as a private tutor, I have found teaching math concepts in advance of their presentation in the classroom to be the most effective strategy. For example, Tim is one of my prized students.  He will be working on Solving Systems of Linear Equations in school in approximately two weeks.  Instead of my being a “homework buddy” with Tim, I have started teaching him how to solve systems of linear equations.  When Tim sees it in class, it won’t be for the first time. He will have prior knowledge from which to draw. This advanced preparation will help him to understand the class material, and aid him in regaining the positive momentum and high self-confidence he lost along the way. As an added bonus, success in math often leads to success in other classes as students generalize their new found momentum and confidence across the school curriculum.

A Word About Sean Welsh

I attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (i.e., Virginia Tech), where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. I received my Masters Degree in Education from James Madison University. At the high school level, I have taught Algebra, Algebra 2, Geometry, Physics, and am currently teaching Pre-Calculus at a high school in Loudoun County, Virginia. I have been tutoring students on the side for eleven years. To say that I love tutoring students in math is an understatement.  It is much more than that.  I have been extremely fortunate to have identified something that I am passionate about. I attribute my success in teaching young people mathematics to the fact that I love math. In high school, I also struggled with math. In order to be successful, I found ingenious ways to stick that information in my head permanently.  I love sharing these tips with the students that I encounter. It is my belief that there are students out there who have tremendous world changing ideas, but have become hopeless in their academic endeavors.  I believe that we can reinvigorate their love for learning, and help them make their ideas a reality.  I hope your son or daughter, or perhaps even you enjoy your experiences with Ivy Hills Academy.