Purpose for Summer Courses

The purpose of summer courses on Ivy Hills Academy is to present students with material that they will see in courses they are enrolled in for the 2015-2016 school year. Ten hours of live online instruction will be given for each course, followed by assessments to gauge how well they have learned the material. Click here to see what objectives will be covered.

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Using an online platform, students will be interacting with a live instructor for each session. Students will be given real time instruction using a virtual classroom where they are able to ask questions, practice problems, and receive instruction on objectives that they will see during the upcoming school year. In addition, if the student isn’t able to be present for a specific class period, all sessions will be recorded. Students are then able to watch a recording of what they missed.

For each objective covered, an online assessment will be given in order for students to gauge their progress. Students will know how well they have learned the material prior to the material being presented during upcoming school year.

Students may access our free video library at any time for additional instruction and practice problems to reinforce material presented during the school year or during online classes offered by Ivy Hills Academy.