We’ve known Sean for nearly ten years, and have relied on him to tutor both of our children (who still turn to him, by the way, for help and advice!).  Sean has the rarest of gifts as an educator: he can see through the challenges, the barriers, and the weaknesses; he ignores the ‘labels’ and connects with children of all ages and abilities–on their terms–and enables their ability to learn!  The ‘hopeless cases’ become full of hope and soon THRIVE as the mysteries of mathematics are unlocked in terms they can understand and absorb!
– T. Walker, Purcellville Virginia
I would highly recommend Mr. Welsh’s tutoring services!  He tutored my daughter for 4 years (her whole high school experience) and I honestly believe she could not have passed if it weren’t for his help.  She struggled greatly with math all through middle school.  I was delighted when we found Mr. Welsh and he agreed to help Christin.  With him as her tutor, she was able to maintain an A or B in each math course she took.  Math is very difficult for her, but Mr. Welsh was able to explain things in a way that she could understand and relate to.  She is usually distracted and finds it hard to concentrate, but the personal attention he gave her enabled her to think clearly and understand concepts that he demonstrated.  We found him to be available for questions and personal attention.  He is always positive and encouraging, even when I was hopeless.  He turned out to be right. He believed in her, and told me she was smart.  My daughter liked his style……he is so engaging, funny, and relates well to the students.  My impression of him (and I got to know him well over the years) is that he is a very hard worker and committed to his job of teaching.  As a high school teacher, he was so effective at reaching the kids by relating math to everyday life, and integrating it into his teaching.  I wish all teachers had this attitude and ability.  He is exceptional.  My daughter did not like her first tutor, who made the work boring and a chore.  Mr. Welsh makes the lesson come to life, and finds a way to make learning fun.  Believe me, I never thought this was possible with my daughter, so I believe he can help any student to have confidence that they can learn and do well.  My proof?  My daughter got an A in her first semester of math at college!!!!  She is no longer afraid of math, and has the confidence she needs to handle it.  It is all due to Sean Welsh.  Whatever type of teaching he pursues, he works magic.  You should definitely consider taking advantage of his services.  We could not have made it without him!  AND he really cares about the students, most important of all.
– Julie Harrison